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Hearing Instrument Programs We provide careful hearing aid selection and one-on-one counseling for the use of your new hearing instrument.  Our individualized approach allows for better hearing at a level appropriate for your needs and lifestyle.  All hearing aid sales come with FREE LIFETIME office calls, adjustments, updates, and basic service including cleaning and re-tubing.
Peter D. Lumia, BC-HIS Hearing Instrument Specialist
Complete Hearing Aid Evaluation  This evaluation includes an examination of your ear using a video otoscope to instantly reveal wax blockage, outer ear fluids, and the condition of your eardrum.  Additionally, you will receive complete pure tone hearing testing, speech and word clarity testing, determination of the need for medical treatment, and preventative maintenance.  Additionally, we provide a customer case history analysis that includes a discussion about your medical history, hearing history, and past hearing aid experiences.  We also provide a hearing aid simulator to determine your comfort range and upper frequency needs for word discrimination.
Hearing Aid Counseling Many times we can listen to your experiences with amplification and acoustically modify your device to better suit your individual needs.  We can also offer help and information for loved ones to guide them in caring for a family member with a hearing impairment.
Hearing Aid Repairs & Cleaning WE OFFER IN-HOUSE REPAIRS & CLEANING WHILE YOU WAIT!!!   We can clean & repair all makes and models of hearing instruments regardless of warranty, age, and circuit.  With a fitting validation test, we can warranty a repair for up to two years.    Most repairs can be done on site.  We work with a number of companies to ensure the quickest resolution for a hearing aid that needs more work out of the office.  WE HAVE FREE LOANERS AVAILABLE FOR OUR CLIENTS!!!
Hearing Aid Adjustments  We are able to make critical adjustments and fine tune your hearing instruments to ensure a comfortable and reliable fitting for your individual needs regardless of the noise levels in your life.
Ear Protection Counseling  We offer state of the art advice and products to help protect and preserve your hearing.  Westone's Defend Ear lines provide industrial and personal protection against ear damage that can arise from noise in the working environment or from hobbies such as hunting, motorcycling, swimming, or live music.  Defend ear logo/link
Assistive Listening Devices  We provide help for people who have difficulty hearing in group settings.  Valu Hearing "opens the door" in providing sound systems for televisions, telephones, colleges, churches, and concert events.  We also have devices that can enhance the effectiveness of your everyday alert systems. (ie. doorbells, smoke detectors, alarm clocks, etc.)
Health Insurance & Worker's Compensation Claims  We cooperate with all insurances and will work one-on-one with your insurance company to ensure that your hearing loss is resolved.