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Hearing Aids & Ear Molds
Unitron – Unitron hearing aids offer a high value.  They feature a rich, comprehensive, and mid-priced product line.  Making DIGITAL affordable for all Phonak  – Phonak features the latest in DIGITAL technology hearing aids.  They carry premium products in a Swiss design. Oticon – Oticon offers individualized hearing aid solutions.  They feature both mid-priced and premium product lines. Siemens – Siemens designs and manufactures many high quality hearing instruments.  They are the leading European designer of hearing aids. ReSound -  GN ReSound features a world-wide market for digital hearing aids. Westone – Westone offers a wide range of earpiece materials, from soft silicone to hard acrylic.  All materials are available in a variety of skin tones and vibrant colors.  They are fully customizable to your liking.
Peter D. Lumia, BC-HIS Hearing Instrument Specialist