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Accessories and Devices
Hearing Aid Remotes - Remote controls are available for most hearing aid models.  These devices make program and volume changes discreet & easy to handle.  You can make confident hearing aid adjustments without touching your ears or searching for tiny buttons. Hearing Aid Dryers - We stock Dry and Store electric hearing aid dryers as well as Loonee Bins in which you can store your hearing aids.  These dryers long-lasting pieces of equipment that extend the life of your hearing aids as well as reducing the need for repairs.  They can remove moisture, kill germs, and deodorize your aids to keep the sound quality at its best. Amplified Telephones - We have a variety of amplified telephones and answering machines available that provide clearer amplified sound.  Many phones now have tone and volume control as well as speakerphone capabilities.  Most amplified phones are also "Hearing Aid Compatible" which means that the phone is able to communicate directly with the telecoil in your hearing aid.  Hear important phone calls, family, and friends with clarity and confidence. Loss Prevention Accessories - Keep your hearing aids secure with our line of Oto-Clips for both ITE and BTE hearing instruments.  These devices are both practical and affordable. Smart Alert Systems - This is an integrated system that enables household alerts (smoke detector, doorbell, telephone) to communicate directly with your hearing instruments via bluetooth technology. Amplified & Vibrating Alarm Clocks - Alarm clocks are available with both amplification and vibration options.  Be awakened by sound amplified up to 50 decibels or be gently buy firmly awakened by a pillow or bed vibrator.  Sleep soundly knowing you will not miss critical appointments because you didn't hear your alarm clock.    Television, Cell Phone, & Multimedia Accessories - We stock TV Ears as well as uTV & uDirect Systems that allow you to fully enjoy multimedia with your hearing aids.  TV Ears deliver clear and amplified sound from your television to you.  uTV & uDirect systems communicate connect directly with your cell phone, MP3 player or other multimedia device via Bluetooth technology.    
Peter D. Lumia, BC-HIS Hearing Instrument Specialist